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All Site assets, including the system for organizing and presenting files on the Site, are owned by STOCKIMAG and its shareholders and are protected by legal and subordinate acts relating to intellectual property, including, but not limited to copyright and other similar ones.

In the absence of a written agreement with STOCKIMAG (such as the Standard License Agreement), unconditional use of the files offered on the Site without written permission from STOCKIMAG is prohibited.

The files available on the Site may be copied and used for private use by the User only for non-commercial or demonstration purposes. Likewise, it is prohibited to alter the files in any way (for example, deleting or hiding copyright marks). The User does not have the right to create derivative works from the files presented on the Site or to use them in any other way.

Copyright includes, in addition to licensing, the services of: Illustration,  Digital Marketing, Design, Photography, Copyright, Motion Design.

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Collaborator Program

Acordo de Associação
Contrato de Fornecimento
Contrato de Licença
Política de Cancelamento
Política de Privacidade
Política de Retirada DMCA
Programa de Colaborador

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