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Esse sou eu, Wallace Rotti, sorrindo com um óculos bem divertido. Eu não me levo a sério.

CEO / Art Director


+55 21 98309-8223


About me

Hello, I'm Wallace Rotti, 

I have a degree in Advertising and a postgraduate degree in Animation and 3D Modeling. I work in the Graphic/Advertising Market since 2004, with experience in creation for Merchandising, Events, Fashion, Image Licensing, Visual Communication and Corporate Identity. I am the creator of the Stockimag ART Licensing platform created in 2016.

Our main objective is to meet the immediate needs of clients who need to develop a differentiated project following the techniques of Design, Illustration, Motion, among others.

The Stockimag

Stockimag emerged in 2016 with the idea of revolutionizing the licensing market for graphic industries, creating a fully digital and secure platform for its customers.  During this journey, we identified a demand for unique personalized projects for each client. With the lack of good providers in this market, we decided to include services such as Graphic Production, Social Media Management, Visual Identity Creation, Website Creation and Digital Content Generation, among others.

StockImag is a digital creative startup that produces art for graphic items, textile materials, school supplies, among others. There are several models created to meet the needs of international industries.

We offer a large collection of art for papers, prints, cards, notebook covers, posters, children's items. All licensed and approved by our artistic team, following the worldwide licensing policy.
Our art is recognized worldwide and produced by artists from around the world.

That's why we have different styles and concepts, we follow different trends and cultures. We are universal.
Not everything you're looking for can be here, that's why we have the Personalize section, so you can send your unique request. We will send you the response and production time in less than 48 hours.

Our focus is to devise a licensing plan from the beginning, to show the client how much it can grow having a visual identity and a strong brand, regardless of size, structure and number of employees.


Our goal is to professionally democratize design work in different media.

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Estampas realizadas com motivos tropicais com a calçada de copacabana e abacates
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