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Projects carried out

Envelope CD Banda Mau Presságio
Rótulo Cervejaria Deusolivre
Encarte CD Aliencode
Peça Publicitária Khorun Cosméticos
Rótulo Cervejaria Deusolivre
Campanha Cervejaria Kpiau
Painel Richelli - Carnaval
Branding Dolls on Heels
Ilustração bandeira Banda Mau Presságio
Pinup Pole Studio
Painel Julia - Alice

We create the design you need, from start to finish

I will be glad to work with you.

Every element must have its importance and its main focus must be the purchase interest and acceptance of an aesthetic concept. It is the generation of desire. But what are the ideas and products that really stick? Here, I make your idea, in addition to existing, have personality.

It was with this in mind that STOCKIMAG emerged, developed for creative work that adds elements of urban art, advertising, illustration and animation tools. 

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