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Every element must have its importance and its main focus must be the purchase interest and acceptance of an aesthetic concept. It is the generation of desire. But what are the ideas and products that really stick? Here, we make your idea, in addition to existing, have personality.  

We are willing to optimize your production. Here you will have direct support for the creation and production of Arts for different industries. Our management includes: Design, Copywriting, Graphic Production and Licensing for various segments.

Exclusive Partnerships

We at Stockimag serve companies from several countries. Our goal is to present the best  arts licensed to your company on an exclusive basis.
We will not put these productions for sale on our platform, nor will we advertise on our networks. This is one of many ways to serve our VIP customers. Contact us and request our service:


You who need to mark a special moment in an art, we serve people looking for exclusive and personalized material for decoration, gifts, gifts, fashion... among others.
How do we do it?
So, if it is possible to attend virtually, just contact our team and we will design your item based on your idea, we will inform you of values and deadlines and you will receive your finished material or in digital format.
If it is an artistic movement that needs face-to-face assistance, we will inform you of the values for the visit (only Brazil) and we will combine the best conditions.
We work with illustration for paintings, facades, panels, freehand painting, wedding invitations, caricatures, cartoons, personalized prints, personalization of objects and the like.
Contact us and ask for a quote. whatsapp: +55 21 98309-8223 |


Do you intend to get something off the paper and don't know how?
You don't know if it's viable and you need this support in Marketing, Licensing, Branding and Registration, website creation and everything else to get your project started. Contact us and we will guide you.
We will study the market and make a strategic plan for you to get your project off the ground.

We are a team of professionals specialized in various areas of communication and marketing.
Values will be passed on in advance by our whatsapp: +55 21 98309-8223

Duration of each mentorship: 2 hours.

In-person mentorships will have a transport cost added to the value.

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